My Latest Android App

Check out my latest Android application Graham Clock.

It's a live wallpaper. It exists on your home screen, always displayed in the background.


Brass Gears Clock LWP Free

Available on Google Play.

Android OS: Solar Live Wallpaper

Google Play store link: Solar 2D Live Wallpaper

High resolution video:

Solar 2D Live Wallpaper is an interactive and scientifically accurate Android Live Wallpaper designed for tablets and high resolution phones.

Android OS: Android Development

If you just want to see how I got adb working with my new Toshiba Excite AT7-C, skip to the end.

Recently I started developing an Android application. It's a simple inner solar system simulation (or at least it started simple). I prototyped it using the LÖVE game engine. I then ported this early alpha to the Moai game framework.

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