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E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco

Along with many others, I was able to give up smoking completely by using e-cigarettes. I haven't smoked a single cigarette in over two years. I do, however, vape multiple times a day, every day.

Caml in JavaScript? Meet CamlScript!

Ladies, gentlemen, fellow geeks and retardz, I present

CamlScript is an homage to the old Caml Light system, a lightweight sibling of OCaml and thus a relative of F#. It is currently very orthogonal and somewhat limited in use. But still, it is a toy language with some serious chops. And all of it can run inside your favorite browser.

My Latest Android App

Check out my latest Android application Graham Clock.

It's a live wallpaper. It exists on your home screen, always displayed in the background.


My Brand New Product


My Summary


Price: $9.95

Brass Gears Clock LWP Free

Available on Google Play.

When Are Two Mechanical Designs "The Same"

When are two mechanical designs so similar that one violates copyright of the other?

Android OS: Solar Live Wallpaper

Google Play store link: Solar 2D Live Wallpaper

High resolution video:

Solar 2D Live Wallpaper is an interactive and scientifically accurate Android Live Wallpaper designed for tablets and high resolution phones.

Android OS: Android Development

If you just want to see how I got adb working with my new Toshiba Excite AT7-C, skip to the end.

Recently I started developing an Android application. It's a simple inner solar system simulation (or at least it started simple). I prototyped it using the LÖVE game engine. I then ported this early alpha to the Moai game framework.

Happy Black Friday

I am thankful for all I have, but what I've really been waiting for is Black Friday.

I'm a PC gaming enthusiast. Over the last year, my 2+ year-old Alienware M14x laptop has been losing relevancy as a PC gaming machine. Today I finally made the leap from PC gaming laptops to PC gaming desktops. I secured a good deal on an iBUYPOWER desktop from NewEgg.

Syntax Highlight Module

I wrote a Syntax Highlight Drupal module that incorporates lessons learned from Highlight Test One and Highlight Test Two.

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